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Pension Bridging

“I’m frustrated by how long the pension fund process takes.”
We understand that. We have a product to solve that.

It can take up to six months for a pension/provident fund withdrawal to be paid, putting financial and emotional strain on for pension/provident members and their families.

At Taurus Capital, we understand that these withdrawals often happen at a pivotal point in an individual’s life – for example, retirement, retrenchment, resignation, divorce or
when changing jobs. Access to capital at these points is critically important as delays in payment can have significant impacts on cash flow, financial obligations and
livelihoods. Because we understand this, we offer Taurus Pension Bridging – a transparent solution that allows individuals to receive an upfront advance on their withdrawal
while waiting for their specific pension fund to make payment.

Taurus Pension Bridging provides much-needed financial relief for pension/provident members and their families during the waiting period – an upfront cash payment against
your pension withdrawal, enabled by a professional team and fast turnaround times. It’s what makes Taurus Capital the market leader in Pension Bridging.


Peace Of Mind

No more waiting. Access immediate cash against your submitted pension payment


No hidden costs, interest or fees


We can advance the amount that suits your needs


A dedicated consultant will hold your hand through the process


A product of Taurus Capital, South Africa’s leading specialist funder


  • Taurus Pension Bridging offers an upfront cash payment against your submitted pension/provident fund withdrawal.
  • The amount you are charged depends on how much money you choose to take upfront in your first payment and how long your pension fund takes to make payment.
  • Taurus Pension Bridging has a transparent monthly charge with no hidden fees or expensive compound interest.
  • With the advance, you are not required to make payment of the monthly charge on an ongoing basis. Only once your pension fund pays then the charge will be deducted.
  • A dedicated consultant is available to give you a no- obligation free quote so you can better understand your options and make the right decision for you and your family

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