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Need The Payout To Keep Your Home Or Keep Your Kids In School?

Don’t wait another year to receive what you’re owed by the RAF. Dealing with the RAF can be a long and arduous process. On average, RAF claims can take four years or more to finalise, and even after your case is settled, it can take another 6 to 12 months for the RAF to pay out the funds promised.

We have the solution. Introducing RAFPay by Taurus Capital – the product that ends the delay by offering an upfront cash payment based on the size of the award (after your lawyer’s fees and disbursements) against your finalised Road Accident Fund court order or settlement agreement.

Get up to 40% of your entitled money within 24 hours, providing much-needed financial relief and restoring dignity to accident victims and their families.

RAFPay goes beyond a simple upfront payment. It’s a bridging finance solution that has already helped thousands of South Africans, just like you, gain access to an upfront cash advance on their claim


In addition to offering the highest payouts in the industry with no hidden fees or expensive compound interest and transparent monthly charges, RAFPay clients are assigned a dedicated consultant to help answer any questions because equipping you to make the right decision for you and your family.


When Do I Start Paying Taurus Capital Back?

You are not required to make payments every month. Only once the Road Accident Fund pays your lawyers will the RAFPay charge then be deducted.


How Much Are The Monthly Charges?

The monthly charge depends on how much money you choose to take upfront and how long the Road Accident Fund takes to pay your attorney.

Contingent Fees Locked Up In Matters Settled But Awaiting Payment?

That’s where we come in.

Taurus Attorney Advance offers an upfront cash payment against the outstanding fees tied up in your firm’s finalised Road Accident Fund court orders or settlement agreements. 

Get up to 65% in funding – upfront cash on the matters awaiting payment – so that you can take on new clients, grow your firm and focus on what matters most; getting justice for those who deserve it.

  • Access to growth finance against your contingent fees.

  • Fund medico-legal disbursements, enabling cases to move forward quickly.

  • Increase the number of cases worked in parallel.

  • Release working capital quickly to provide better cash flow flexibility.

  • Leverage your outstanding contingent fees while matching the cash flow of the practice.


Introducing T-SCORE, your key to unlocking exponential growth with access to working capital funding at lower rates.

An industry first and a reflection of our commitment to partnering with credible, principled attorneys/firms, we introduced T-SCORE as a way to lower the cost of funding for clients who demonstrate a track record of loyalty and quality. As your T-SCORE improves, you are able to access more funding, and the cost of this funding decreases.

The T-SCORE is your status as an attorney within Taurus. 

It is initially based on the state of your firm at the point of onboarding, thereafter, dynamically changes based on your track record with us; either improving or deteriorating based on how your firm loads claims, settles matters, and handles RAF payments. The more timeously your firm settles and pays, and the more repeat business we do together as partners, the more funding you unlock from us, to take on more matters and make more of a difference.


In addition to offering the highest payouts in the industry and matching the cash flow cycle of your firm, we assign a dedicated consultant to you to answer your questions and navigate every step of the process with complete peace of mind.

The available advance is based on the value of fees you have outstanding and your T-Score. Based on the amount advanced, there is a transparent charge structure. No hidden fees. No expensive compound interest.

The charge depends on how much money you choose to take upfront and how long the Road Accident Fund takes to pay your attorney.

We match the cash flow cycle of your firm by linking your repayment to when the RAF pays, rather than a fixed monthly repayment profile.

A lump sum can help tremendously in the short term, but how will you manage throughout the waiting period?

It’s one thing to know that the money is coming but how do you deal with living expenses, medical bills, and financial commitments in the meantime? It’s a question we at Taurus Capital asked ourselves… and then came up with not just the answer – but a solution.

The Living Wage Benefit is a first-of-its-kind, socially relevant Road Accident Fund bridging solution primarily designed to provide RAF claimants with a steady income stream, giving you peace of mind over fixed monthly expenses while awaiting payment on your outstanding RAF claim.

Faced with the reality that lump sum payments can result in excessive spending and a failure to save for the long term, we developed an innovative product that moves away from “a quick fix” to “enhancing lives” through sustainable financing, thus driving sustainable financial security.


  • Steady monthly income or “living wage” adjusted to your financial needs.
  • Guaranteed payments on the 25th of every month.
  • Only one agreement needs to be signed. No re-advance agreements or contracts needed.
  • Peace of mind knowing fixed monthly expenses will be covered for the full duration of the 6-month waiting period.
  • Close customer support – WhatsApp channel, SMSs, and monthly courtesy calls from consultants.

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