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RAFPay: More Than Funds, It’s About Dignity and Support

In South Africa, most personal injury claims stem from traumatic road accidents causing serious injuries, disabilities, or fatalities. Fortunately, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is

The Anatomy of Bridging Finance: How RAFPay Bridges the Gap

Car accidents are a harsh reality for many South Africans and often result in severe injuries, permanent disabilities, or even fatalities. In South Africa, where

Empowering Attorneys: Accelerating Contingency Fee Income with Taurus Capital

South Africa sees more than 800,000 road accidents every year, one of the highest rates in the world. But beyond just the numbers, being in

Can You Afford to Sell Your House?

A lot of homeowners in South Africa put their houses up for sale without considering the significant costs involved, both prior to and following the

Assuring Stable Income for Estate Agents: Taurus Capital’s Role in South Africa’s Realty Scene

Salaried employees enjoy the certainty of knowing exactly how much they’ll take home in their next paycheck and when it hits their bank accounts. South

Efficiency in Bridging Finance: Enabling Seamless Transactions for Conveyancer

Selling a property comes with hidden costs that can pile up quickly. These expenses include deposits needed for a new property purchase, moving costs, transfer

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