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The return on investment for litigating road accident claims often exceeds 60% per annum, around four times the average return of the JSE. However, as we at Taurus Capital know all too well, realising these profits isn’t without its challenges, most notably the fact that it can take months, even years for these payouts to actually be paid. This can place tremendous strain on the operations of your personal injury firm providing the proper access to justice for your clients/claimants.

We not only appreciate the problem you face but have a solution for it – we call it: Attorney Advance.

From freeing up working capital to accelerating marketing efforts to making cash flow available to action medico-legal disbursement investments, our short-term bridging solutions are truly solutions because the Taurus Capital team are experts in your niche – and all the nuances that come with it.


To be able to grow your firm, you need to be able to grow your client base.

At Taurus Capital, we realise that given the nature – and prolonged timelines – of your work, access to cash flow is the key to unlocking your ability to grow. In order to take on multiple new cases while waiting, sometimes for years, for the contingency fees awarded, you need a partner who not only understands the nuances and challenges of what you do but shares your passion for why you do it and commitment to who you do it for.

At Taurus Capital, we understand the cash flow problem faced when attorneys need to pay out of their own pocket for medico-legal disbursements and advocate fees in the litigation process.  And, we know from experience that this can be a bridge too far for a growing personal injury litigation practice and firm partners.

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When it comes to getting justice for your clients and achieving steady, sustainable growth for your firm, Taurus Capital is your innovative, bridging finance solutions partner.
Growth Funding
Unlocks the value embedded in your existing cases by leveraging your contingent fee asset as security, without you having to dilute equity in your firm.
Medico-Legal Disbursement Funding
Enables cases to move forward quickly; releasing working capital and providing better cash flow flexibility so that you can increase the number of cases, grow the firm and increase future value for directors and partners.
A Dedicated Consultant Assigned To You
To help answer your questions and provide the optimal, tailored solution for both your firm’s needs and the needs of your clients (claimants).

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