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About Us

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From the day we first opened our doors, we’ve been committed to building innovative products that understand the unique needs of our clients and partners. 

Our mission is to assist businesses and individuals in meeting their short-term financial obligations. With an unparalleled commitment to delivering superior service and financial expertise, we stand out as industry leaders.

Our combination of humility, excellence-centred passion and specialist vertical expertise in niche markets gives us an edge; inspiring us to keep building what we know to be something very special – a service team driven by high standards of excellence that challenge our industry and, in doing so, change the bridging finance landscape.


We help companies remove their barriers to growth through integrity-based financial partnerships that accelerate their customers’ financial security.


We view the challenges you face from your perspective and take pride in connecting with individuals from all walks of life. Our ultimate goal is to educate and empower vulnerable individuals to effectively manage their finances.

We recognise that the world of bridging finance can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to simplify it for you with our bridging solutions, tailored for both short-term and long-term needs.


We collaborate with our partners to assist in bridging their current gaps, enabling them to support their clients in overcoming financial challenges with dignity and peace of mind. Our focus is on cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships by deeply understanding our partners’ businesses. Through this, we provide customised working capital solutions that address both short-term obstacles and long-term goals.

Unlike generic, quick-fix approaches, we offer tailored solutions based on our experience. 


We create financial possibilities for our clients and partners by releasing the potential and abilities of our people.

At Taurus Capital, our purpose drives us more than anything else. We’re not just focused on our products and processes; we’re driven by a greater mission. Our unique approach sets us apart, as we prioritise making a responsible and impactful difference for our clients, people and partners.

Every action we take goes beyond a simple goal. We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives and livelihoods of those who place their trust in us.

OUR approach

We develop forward-thinking bridging finance solutions that inspire, empower and connect with people to address South African problems.

Our approach is simple yet powerful. We leverage individual strengths toward a collective goal: to transform and enhance niche markets within our industry. 

Here’s how we make it happen:

  • We uncover niche bridging opportunities across various sectors.
  • We collaborate with clients and expert teams to develop innovative bridging solutions.
  • We combine practical thinking, commercial intelligence and core risk-management principles.
  • We tackle challenges with a tenacious mindset and a sense of urgency, scaling our solutions to reach a wider audience.


We provide innovative bridging finance that is built on mutually beneficial partnerships and driven by socially impactful values.

INTEGRITY: We Do Business the Right Way, Always

We ensure that honesty and transparency guide every step we take. By consistently demonstrating integrity, we foster a culture of accountability and cultivate trust among our valued clients and partners, taking ownership of our actions and decisions and understanding their impact.

INNOVATION: We Embrace a Creative Mindset

We leave no room for intellectual laziness and constantly challenge the norms. We understand that the sectors we operate in present unique challenges, and we pride ourselves on our adaptability to ever-changing circumstances. Our profound knowledge of these sectors and the obstacles they bring allow us to craft tailored solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

EXCELLENCE: We Go Above and Beyond

We constantly push the boundaries to deliver exceptional results in every aspect of our business. Our determination to surpass our own high standards is what sets us apart. By relentlessly pursuing greatness, we ensure that everyone involved benefits from the incredible outcomes we bring to the table.

PEOPLE-CENTRIC: We Believe That People Are The Foundation Of Our Success

We're all about building a welcoming and inclusive environment where each person feels truly appreciated, respected, and uplifted. We wholeheartedly understand the significance of investing in the personal and professional growth of our amazing people.

RISK AWARENESS: We Take Risk Management Seriously

We understand the importance of safeguarding both our business and our clients' interests, while also fostering sustainable long-term growth. By proactively addressing potential risks, we ensure a secure and thriving future for everyone involved.

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